Sunday, November 1, 2009

DIY: No-Sew-only-glue Alice band holder that looks a bit like modern art too

After boyfriend nearly destroyed my favorite alice band yesterday I decided to craft something where the little pieces of fashion art can feel safe and secure. Here's what I did:

I used:
1. Something similar to a thick cardboad
2. two pieces of elastic band long enough so the fit around the cardboard
3. a piece of cotton fabric, approx 2 cm bigger on each side than the cardboad.
4. glue gun (I got a new mini version from ebay for £4 including shipping)

Step 1
I glued the overlapping fabric of the short sides to the cardboard, then folded the edges and glued the long sides too.

Step 2
Now I glued the first elastic on the cardboard. Not in the middle but a bit further down. The elastic has to be tensed so I glued one side of it first - hold for 30 sec - then I glued the other side holding the elastic strongly tensed.

Step 3
I repeated step 2 using the other piece of elastic positioning it a bit below the first one

This is how it looks like on the right side of the board

Step 5 and final Step
I measured where the middle of the long side of cardboard is and glued a piece of ribbon (formed into a simple bow) to the end that is further away from the elastic bands.

This is now the construction looks like now that I've stuck the alice bands to it

Hope you're safe and happy now, little friends

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