Saturday, October 31, 2009

Shop: Modcloth

I love this shop! They are located in the US but they also ship to Europe - luckily for me. I urgently need a new coat and if I had enough cash at the moment I'd buy one of there two (especially the second):

Definitely have a look at their wonderful selection of dresses. What amazes me most is the shop owners' fantastic look for details: Every single dress has something that caughts my eye and every dress (model) has something that distinguises it notably from the others. It was impossible to pick a top three so I tried to pick my eight favorite dresses, but don't miss out on visiting their webpage.

All pictures: Modcloth

Set: Letter from a childhood sweetheart

DIY: Essential oils Soywax Candle in a glass

I made a wonderfully smelling soywax candle the other day:

It's really easy to make. The biggest challenge is to find a glass (or jar) that is thick and wide enough to actually do the job of the candle container. I got mie from Marks&Spencer for £0.50 and tested it by filling it with boiling water (standing as far away from the glass as possible in case it cracks). Then I melted 3 handful of soywax flakes in the water-containers construction (I described this earlier - see how to make lipgloss). Once everything is melted, let it cool down again a bit. Then add 25 drops of essential oil tangerine and 12 drops EO Ylang Ylang. Stir with a spoon. It is easiest if you buy a ready waxed candle string. ALl you need to do then is to wrap one end around the middle of a pen and shorten the other end in such a way that it is exatcly as long as your glass. Lay the pen with the string over the glass so that the string is in the middle of the glass, then fill in the soywax. Let it cool down and harden over night.
It smells soooo good - a very upliftig smell which is especially comforting on these could windy autumn days on which you don't even want to leave the house.

Shop: Hannah Zakari

.. has all kind of cute stuff, clothes, stationary, bags.. - UK based

Hannah Zakari

Set: Mint and lavender

Shop: Joe Browns

I just found this online shop in UK which has really cute dresses at affordable prizes:

Joe Browns

Set: Minty Milk-Chocolate

Set: Mint Dreams

Tokyo Street-Style

Check out this webpage packed with pictures of Street-style in Tokyo

Picture and webpage: Style Arena
I'd love to move to an East Asian capital and spend my free time people watching and getting inspired. I really hope this dream comes true one day soon..

Wanted: Floral Knit Tights von Topshop

These awesome tights are purple with small pink roses and they are made of 74% cotton. And the best: they are affordable £12! I bet they won't be available for very long (my guess: till friday next week) so I need to buy them soon!
Pictures:Topshop - click on the link for better pictures

Desperately in want of a sample: Coco Figue by CSP

While looking at the CSP page I discovered a new perfume in the CSP collection: Coco Figue
Picture: CSP
I'm not sure how the combination of coconut and fig works but I just love, love, love the smell of greenish figs.

I need a sample!!!! URGENT!!!!

Wanted: Perfumes from Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Ok, in my experience CSP has a pretty bad costumer service which made me avoid the brand for quite a while. However, I really adore their perfumes. They all have a unique exotic flavor I haven't found in any other perfumes. I just *does* make me dream of far-away islands with beautiful sandy beaches, turquoise sea, and exotic flowers and fruits growing everywhere. I tried so-called dupes of them but none came even close to the original. Here are my top four CSP perfumes:
Coeur de Vahine

Princesse Muscat
It appears that Coeur de Vahine and Princesse Muscat are discontinued - I haven't found them on the CSP wegpage. But you can order them here (where I also took the picture from): Ausliebezumduft

Vanille Apricot, Picture: CSP
Vanille Extreme, Picture: CSP

Boiled Wool Coats

Coats made of boiled wool are ideal for these clear, cool, non-windy autumn afternoons. Boiled wool is made of knitted fabric that is - as the name says - boiled which causes the knit to felt. This way less air gets though the material and it's much warmer than normal knit. I made a boiled wool skirt for myself two months ago and I love it! Now I'd really like to add a beautiful boiled wool coat to my wardrobe, but these items are not what you call cheap. Maybe I try to make one myself. Until then, I dream about my top three findings. Here they are:

At John Lewis



Friday, October 30, 2009

If I won the lottery: Dress with large pockets

I found this dress on the internet and while I like all the pieces on Makool Loves You this one is my favorite. And yes, I actually do put stuff like money in decorative pockets on dresses and skirts

Picture: Makool loves you

Etsy finding: Ruffle Coat

I just found this amazing coat in pretty-awesome. It's 95 USD and thereby a bit above my current budget *erhm* but I'm sure it won't take long until this fashion gem finds a loving new owner. What I love most about it? Even though it has these sweet ruffles the way they sit on the coat doesn't make it overly cuty-cute. Note the ruffles on the sleeves and the form of the collar - word that comes to my head: "Spacetulip"

Creation and Picture: Neue at Etsy


Wanted: Large saddle bag by Cath Kidston

Pictures: Cath Kidston

The exterior is oilcloth.
They're so pretty, I can't even decide which one I like most!

Wanted: Lace Up Flats in Pewter from Faith

Picture: Faith

Tutorial: How to make a strawberry coloured honey flavored lipgloss (actually, more a glossy lipcare)

Here is a very easy recipe on how to make a sweet flavored all natural lipgloss. The shade is a lovely transparent strawberry red with a slight purple hint. The honey makes it taste so sweet, you will have to restrain youself to not lick the lipgloss off your lips. And the best: no harmful ingredients, the product is completely natural and it also makes you lips super smooth!

What you'll need:
1. A small container (e.g. muesli bowl) to heat the ingredients in
2. a bigger container (e.g. saucepan) to put the smaller one in
3. A spoon
4. A very small container to fill in the lipgloss

5. a little bit of sheabutter (refined) (get it e.g. here Gracefruit)
6. simple honey (the clear one)

7. beetroot powder (you can find this on ebay for £3 or so)
8. tiny bit of Wodka (it's a grown-up lipgloss)

First step
Put the small container in the bigger one, heat up water, the pour the hot water into the bigger (but not the smaller) container.

Second step
Put a small amount of sheabutter into the small container and wait until it's melted - this might take a few minutes.

Third step
Add the honey to the melted sheabutter (a bit more honey than sheabutter) and let it melt too

(yes, I added the honey before the sheabutter was melted - it doesn't really matter)

Fourth step
Take approx a small half a teaspoon full of beetroot and about the double amount of vodka - mix it.

(I added a bit more liquid because I made more than one lipgloss, but if you make just one use a much smaller amount of Vodka - really jsut enough to "activate" the beetroot - , otherwise the lipgloss becomes too liquid)
There will probably be small particles from the beetroot powder in the mixture but you won't really see them on your lips when applied.

Fifth step
Take the small container out of the big one and let it cool down a little. Then add the beetroot-vodka mixture. Stir!!

Sixth and final step
Pour the mixture into the tiny container.

While pouring you will probably realize that the vodka and the honey/shea don't mix perfectly but again, it does not really matter once you apply the lipgloss on your lips.

Allow the mixture to cool down over night. The stir with the clean end of a spoon again, because the lipgloss has probably separated a bit while cooling down.
Done and ready for a strawberry look and sweet honey taste!

In my experience it's best to use the lipgloss within three weeks.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Link: DIY Cosmetic and Care Products (in German though)

The best website on how to make your own cosmetic and care products is written in German - sorry for all the Non-German speakers out there. If, however, you studied German at university, still remember these German lessons in highschool, are a native speaker or simply a natural talent, make sure to visit Olionatura

Let's play make-over

Just found this on the internet - dig out a close-up and try it:

Label: Mina UK

Mina UK specializes in incredibly cute dresses. Here are my top 5 of their most recent collection

Wanted: Velvet dress

Want! Want! Want! Want! Want!!

Picture: Know your size

More pretty stuff

How to make all natural blush for rosy cheeks

It's soo easy to make a loose blush in lovely rosy pink.
All you'll need is this:

1. A container with a sieve for you blush (get it e.g. on ebay)

2. Iron Oxid in Rose (e.g. Aromazone - Oxide Rose d'Italie)

Picture: Aromazone

3. Mica Powder White Silk (or Satin) (e.g. from Coastalscents)

I sell small amounts of nearly all the ingredients I use in this blog - in case you prefer to prefer to have no more than you need for a single go. Just write to me.

You need the mica powder because the iron oxide is way too strong in colour. Unless you are going to a costume ball you will need to blend it with the white, shiny mica powder. Add the mica until your blush has the desired colour- that's done!

No harmful ingredients, very affordable and the result is just lovely: Perfect Folk-Queen naturally blushed! You will never buy a ready-made loose rosy blush again..

Queen B

Like oh so many others I adore Blair Waldorf's style in "Gossip Girl". Here are some of my favorite Blair-outfits:

You can also check out Edith&Ella for their advice on how to dress Blair-wise