Saturday, October 31, 2009

DIY: Essential oils Soywax Candle in a glass

I made a wonderfully smelling soywax candle the other day:

It's really easy to make. The biggest challenge is to find a glass (or jar) that is thick and wide enough to actually do the job of the candle container. I got mie from Marks&Spencer for £0.50 and tested it by filling it with boiling water (standing as far away from the glass as possible in case it cracks). Then I melted 3 handful of soywax flakes in the water-containers construction (I described this earlier - see how to make lipgloss). Once everything is melted, let it cool down again a bit. Then add 25 drops of essential oil tangerine and 12 drops EO Ylang Ylang. Stir with a spoon. It is easiest if you buy a ready waxed candle string. ALl you need to do then is to wrap one end around the middle of a pen and shorten the other end in such a way that it is exatcly as long as your glass. Lay the pen with the string over the glass so that the string is in the middle of the glass, then fill in the soywax. Let it cool down and harden over night.
It smells soooo good - a very upliftig smell which is especially comforting on these could windy autumn days on which you don't even want to leave the house.

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