Friday, October 30, 2009

Tutorial: How to make a strawberry coloured honey flavored lipgloss (actually, more a glossy lipcare)

Here is a very easy recipe on how to make a sweet flavored all natural lipgloss. The shade is a lovely transparent strawberry red with a slight purple hint. The honey makes it taste so sweet, you will have to restrain youself to not lick the lipgloss off your lips. And the best: no harmful ingredients, the product is completely natural and it also makes you lips super smooth!

What you'll need:
1. A small container (e.g. muesli bowl) to heat the ingredients in
2. a bigger container (e.g. saucepan) to put the smaller one in
3. A spoon
4. A very small container to fill in the lipgloss

5. a little bit of sheabutter (refined) (get it e.g. here Gracefruit)
6. simple honey (the clear one)

7. beetroot powder (you can find this on ebay for £3 or so)
8. tiny bit of Wodka (it's a grown-up lipgloss)

First step
Put the small container in the bigger one, heat up water, the pour the hot water into the bigger (but not the smaller) container.

Second step
Put a small amount of sheabutter into the small container and wait until it's melted - this might take a few minutes.

Third step
Add the honey to the melted sheabutter (a bit more honey than sheabutter) and let it melt too

(yes, I added the honey before the sheabutter was melted - it doesn't really matter)

Fourth step
Take approx a small half a teaspoon full of beetroot and about the double amount of vodka - mix it.

(I added a bit more liquid because I made more than one lipgloss, but if you make just one use a much smaller amount of Vodka - really jsut enough to "activate" the beetroot - , otherwise the lipgloss becomes too liquid)
There will probably be small particles from the beetroot powder in the mixture but you won't really see them on your lips when applied.

Fifth step
Take the small container out of the big one and let it cool down a little. Then add the beetroot-vodka mixture. Stir!!

Sixth and final step
Pour the mixture into the tiny container.

While pouring you will probably realize that the vodka and the honey/shea don't mix perfectly but again, it does not really matter once you apply the lipgloss on your lips.

Allow the mixture to cool down over night. The stir with the clean end of a spoon again, because the lipgloss has probably separated a bit while cooling down.
Done and ready for a strawberry look and sweet honey taste!

In my experience it's best to use the lipgloss within three weeks.

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