Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to make all natural blush for rosy cheeks

It's soo easy to make a loose blush in lovely rosy pink.
All you'll need is this:

1. A container with a sieve for you blush (get it e.g. on ebay)

2. Iron Oxid in Rose (e.g. Aromazone - Oxide Rose d'Italie)

Picture: Aromazone

3. Mica Powder White Silk (or Satin) (e.g. from Coastalscents)

I sell small amounts of nearly all the ingredients I use in this blog - in case you prefer to prefer to have no more than you need for a single go. Just write to me.

You need the mica powder because the iron oxide is way too strong in colour. Unless you are going to a costume ball you will need to blend it with the white, shiny mica powder. Add the mica until your blush has the desired colour- that's done!

No harmful ingredients, very affordable and the result is just lovely: Perfect Folk-Queen naturally blushed! You will never buy a ready-made loose rosy blush again..

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