Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wanted: Perfumes from Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Ok, in my experience CSP has a pretty bad costumer service which made me avoid the brand for quite a while. However, I really adore their perfumes. They all have a unique exotic flavor I haven't found in any other perfumes. I just *does* make me dream of far-away islands with beautiful sandy beaches, turquoise sea, and exotic flowers and fruits growing everywhere. I tried so-called dupes of them but none came even close to the original. Here are my top four CSP perfumes:
Coeur de Vahine

Princesse Muscat
It appears that Coeur de Vahine and Princesse Muscat are discontinued - I haven't found them on the CSP wegpage. But you can order them here (where I also took the picture from): Ausliebezumduft

Vanille Apricot, Picture: CSP
Vanille Extreme, Picture: CSP

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