Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The first part of the Sale is nearly over...

.... and I still have approximately double the amount of items left to sale.
I confess that I feel a bit ashamed for having so very much stuff and - by far more than anything else - clothes. Boyfriend's clothes take up no more than a normal sized suitcase BEFORE selling anything on Ebay. The amount of my clothes.. uhmm.. let me put it like this: There is no way they would let me take the amount and size of suitcases needed in order to fit them in on a plane or train. I'm just a real clothes collector. I love them evn if I can't wear them because they don't fit or suit me. I am obsessed with clothes! Ah!
It really breaks my heart to see them go, on the other hand it is really nice to see them going to people who just fell in love with them just as I did. (Oh no, that really sounds as if I am talking about a human being, not clothes - doesn't it?)
I hope I manage to put up the rest very soon. Right now, I'm a bit busy with shipping of the clothes I sold so far, but I'm on it!

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