Sunday, March 7, 2010

More items I sell on my huge moving out sale! More Noa Noa, more Lysgaard, more Birger&Mikkelsen and many other beloved brands!

More clothes and accessories that sadly have to go. A lot of it is Noa Noa, Lysgaard or Birger&Mikkelsen, but there is also Mina UK, Topshop, Jackpot, Pilgrim, Dorothy Perkins, Principles, Monsoon, Yumi, French Connection, Asos etc. Sizes are basically anything between S and L. Everything you see on the pics is for sale, except the dressing dummy. You'll also find all the items on Ebay around mid March. Just click HERE Any questions? Just send me an email to
Don't forget to have a look at the clothes from my previous post, too.
Sorry, my dressing dummy is drifting a bit to one side ;-)

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